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Hi there!

Aren't I pretty?

Aren’t I pretty? Just kidding, I’m just very excited you’ve decided to visit my little corner of the internet!

Honestly, writing this has been super awkward (I don’t think I have ever used the backspace button so many times in my life!), and I didn’t really know where to start, so I decided to just answer a few questions that I always seem to want to ask my favorite bloggers.

What made you start blogging?

The idea of writing a blog about all the amazing things there are to do in DC has been floating around my head for ages… I also realized that I needed a real hobby after college other than hanging out on my patio and having a bevvy (although, to be honest, I still do that, I just write posts at the same time!).  Then, I started learning how to code websites (you can check out my resume site here if you want to) and I wanted to learn how to use WordPress. That was the final push I needed to get started combining my love of writing with my love of all things web-related and here we are!

Why DC Darling?

Well the DC part was an obvious choice, since I wanted to write primarily about my adventures as a DC transplant. As for the rest of it, honestly, I just liked the way it sounded 🙂

Where are you from?

I grew up in the Midwest, and moved to DC after college. While I miss the lakes and rivers of the Midwest (plus summers where the average humidity is lower than 99%), DC is an awesome place to call home!

Have any other questions? Let me know in the comments below 🙂