12/ 06/ 2016

Getting Lost in Golden Gate Park

The next day – after spending some time at the Apple Store due to technical difficulties – we laced on our walking shoes again and headed over to Golden Gate Park.


With over 3 miles of greenery stretching down to the ocean, Golden Gate Park is home to everything from museums to tea gardens, and we set out to see as much as we could!

Entering the park on Arguello Boulevard we were treated to our first of many beautiful sites for the day.

IMG_6167And a gorgeous, white, Victorian-style building that is home to the park’s conservatory.


With the neatly manicured lawns and rows of flowers outside, it looked very elegant and Victorian. Providing us with a very different type of beauty from the laid-back, natural vibe of most of SF.


Since we had both seen a number of conservatories before, we opted to press on and see what other beauties the park held.

It wasn’t long before we stumbled upon the Japanese Gardens.


Originally created in 1894 as a part of the California Midwinter International Exposition, the garden has since grown to cover 5 acres.

As we walked up to the gate, we were a little concerned that there were a lot of people paying their $8 to get a glimpse of the gardens. But, once you get inside, you find yourself cocooned from the bustling road just on the other side of the garden.


Walking through the beautifully curated gardens, you feel like you’re lost in your own little world of vibrant green leaves and bright red lacquered wood.


We wandered through the winding paths…


Made some scaly friends…


Climbed to the top of a funky bridge…


And just enjoyed the dappled shade.


I can’t tell you how long we spent meandering these trails (I think we went around the whole thing at least three times).

But eventually, we parted ways with the serene beauty of the Japanese Garden, to go find another little piece of heaven…


Stow Lake…

This small, man-made lake is home to loads of turtles, all vying for the sunniest spot.


(we spent way longer watching them than I am willing to admit)


You can also walk up to the top of the island in the middle of the lake.


Past a waterfall.


To beautiful views.



Seriously, San Francisco is so beautiful.


Eventually, exhausted, we decided to head back to our Airbnb to grab a quick nap before meeting up with our friends. But not before wandering into a rose garden.


A little something about me, I love roses.


Seriously, I would take this part of the garden home with me if I could!


Altogether, a beautiful day in a beautiful place!

After a nap, we met up with our friends at Latin America Club.


They serve the world’s largest margaritas there, which are absolutely delicious!


A total hole-in-the-wall, awesomely quirky bar, if you’re in the Mission district of SF, I definitely recommend a visit!


Sometimes I think it’s important to remember to live life first, and record life second… so while we did have a wonderful night of food, friends and drinks, the photos end here!

Check back later for more on my SF adventures 🙂

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