11/ 07/ 2016

Celebratory Brunch at Lupo Verde

A couple weeks ago, on a hot and sunny Sunday, my friends and I found ourselves with lots to celebrate. Clearly, this called for a celebratory brunch! Luckily for us, we knew just the place…


On the corner of 14th and T, you can find a magical little Italian spot in the middle of DC: Lupo Verde!

The pretty brick row house has lovely patio if you feel like dining if you feel like dining al fresco. However, with the temperatures soaring into the 90s, we opted to eat inside.


Which is just as pretty as the outside!


The exposed brick and indoor market place made it the perfect escape from the raging heat outside. There’s a second floor, but we opted to stay on the ground floor, taking a seat in a booth by the huge windows. The perfect mix of the sunny day and a cool retreat.


We settled into our seats, and chattered away, happily catching up on anything and everything.


Meanwhile we got started perusing the menu, deciding what we wanted for our celebratory brunch. Unlike most of DC’s boozy brunches, the brunch at Lupo Verde isn’t bottomless. Now wait, I know what you’re thinking, but don’t give up yet… Lupo Verde’s brunch is still boozy enough for even the most seasoned of DC brunch-goers.

You can order a la carte, but I would suggest their social brunch menu (check it out here). Instead of the traditional bottomless mimosas, for every two people, you get a bottle of Prosecco and an assortment of fruit purees.

IMG_6631 (2)

Cheers! You can of course purchase extra bottles of Prosecco if you want, and if you’re there for a celebratory brunch, you really ought to treat yourself.

Bevvies in hand, we settled to the task of choosing what to eat. If you choose to do the brunch menu, you and your partner get to choose an appetizers and a side dish between you and an entree each. Something about Italian just makes everything sound delicious, and these dishes definitely lived up to the promise of their names!


Insalata Lupo Verde (salad with mushrooms, onions, nuts, Parmesan and a balsamic reduction).


Patate Castello  (basically fries, but better, with a slightly spicy marinara dipping sauce)


Pancakes and Fritelle di Rucola (the lightest, fluffiest pancakes with fruit, and wonderful veggie fritters)

Everything was positively delicious, and by this time the Prosecco may have been making us a little goofy…


Hey, it was a celebratory brunch… can you blame us for getting a bit goofy?


Regardless, at this point, I decided it was time to put away the camera, and just enjoy the company of wonderful people. Unfortunately, this means I don’t have any photos of our entrees, but I can promise, they were all delicious!

M got the uova in camicia, eggs cooked in roasted tomato soup. S and I ordered the Benadette Uova  – the Italian version of eggs Benedict. Lupo Verde replaces the traditional English muffins with focaccia, and frankly, I don’t know if I can ever go back to the traditional version!

Needless to say, the amazing food makes this place a must-visit! But when you go, be sure to bring so awesome friends, as brunch just isn’t the same without them!



So if you’ve got something to celebrate, or if you just want plans to look forward to this weekend, let me suggest you grab some of your favorite people, and head over to Lupo Verde!

What about you? Got any favorite DC brunch spots? 

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