30/ 10/ 2016

An Afternoon at the African American Museum

If you’ve been to the Mall in the past year, you’ve seen the new National Museum of African American History and Culture taking shape, and a few weeks ago, it finally opened!


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11/ 07/ 2016

Celebratory Brunch at Lupo Verde

A couple weeks ago, on a hot and sunny Sunday, my friends and I found ourselves with lots to celebrate. Clearly, this called for a celebratory brunch! Luckily for us, we knew just the place…


On the corner of 14th and T, you can find a magical little Italian spot in the middle of DC: Lupo Verde!

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12/ 06/ 2016

Getting Lost in Golden Gate Park

The next day – after spending some time at the Apple Store due to technical difficulties – we laced on our walking shoes again and headed over to Golden Gate Park.


With over 3 miles of greenery stretching down to the ocean, Golden Gate Park is home to everything from museums to tea gardens, and we set out to see as much as we could!

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05/ 06/ 2016

California Dreaming

If you follow me on instagram, you know that I recently went to San Francisco. While I’ve been to California before, I’ve never been to SF, so I was obviously excited to see the famous city. And with views like these, it definitely didn’t disappoint…


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01/ 05/ 2016

9 Days in England in a Backpack

Like almost everyone I know, I love travelling. There are few sights more exciting than the horizon out of a plane window, knowing that you’re off in search of new experiences.


But… I hate checking bags when I fly. Waiting around the baggage claim with a hundred other tired and grimy travelers, pushing my way to the front when I finally spy my bag, only to have been fooled by a bag doppleganger and finally having to lug an extra piece of luggage around your final destination *shudder*. Ugh, no thank you!!

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